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How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay Tips 2020

Cause and Effect Essay

Understanding what a Cause and Effect essay is all about is an integral part of the academic life of any student. As its name suggests, this essay deals with an examination potential causes and possible effects of various questions, studies, or even research.


It is an article in essay format whereby a claim is made in relation to a cause that has a specified outcome, effect, or consequence that can be traced back to the causal action. Through listing the cause, leads to an effect through research, the essay supports a solid claim. The essay can also involve a subject such as “Brexit” and note potential causes and impacts. Essentially, the essay considers various reactions and actions and seeks to make sense out of them through a logical explanation of how the reactions and actions fit together. 


The Introduction

This is where we start the essay and we outline the background of the study as well as the thesis statement. In addition to focusing ideas into one sentence or a few, a thesis statement presents the topic under study while also giving the writer’s position in regards to the study subject. Typically closing the introduction section, the thesis statement summarizes the contents of the essay and helps keep your essay’s arguments focused. 

The first segment of the introduction precedes the thesis statement building up the argument by describing background information of the topic. Using the “Brexit” example, the introduction could begin by “On the 23rd of June, 2016, in an occurrence dubbed “Brexit,” to mean Britain + Exit, the United Kingdom declared its resolve to leave the European Union. In providing data that is not obvious to the general public, such as the one in the example’s opening sentence, it is required that such is cited accordingly. The introduction also gives your audience the concise direction of the essay.

The Body

This is the part where the student provides supporting information to enable the essay affirm its main point as per the thesis. The body part is comprised of a series of paragraphs. Individual paragraphs are devoted to one argument or claim that backs up the thesis statement, intent, or idea of the paper. In a majority of instances the body part either explains the likely consequences that are highlighted by the topic or expounds on the reason behind specified outcomes.

It is recommended that the body part contain not less than three paragraphs. If you want to make the essay more detailed, more paragraphs are incorporated to further expound on and explain the causes and impacts of the subject in question. Owing to the fact that the body is supporting evidence to stated claims and arguments, citation and the accompanying rules are materially applied.

The Conclusion  

This is usually the closing remarks and comes as the last part of the essay. Ideally, it gives a conclusive summary of what the primary argument(s) reflected in the entire cause and effect thesis. It also restates the integral reason that the essay is trying to prove.


3 Steps involved in writing a cause and effect essay 

Step 1

Select a topic. Go for a topic that has firm history to it or it is at the center of subsequent events. An example of a wider subject or topic is war. Wars make great topics because they typically have causes and effects. Thus, when the writer is at the liberty of choosing a subject or topic for such essays, they can take into consideration topics and subjects that are characterized by a series of events with a clear starting point and an ending point. Social movements such as The Civil Rights Movement, the Women’s Movement, The Bolshevic Revolution, or The Protestant Reformation are characterized by causes and effects are easily amalgamated to a neat essay. 

Step 2

Do intensive research on your selected topic. A quick search on the internet can lead to online pages such as Wikipedia to develop a basic understanding of the topic. However, credible research should reach much wider and further than Wikipedia to facilitate the writing of a great essay. In using Wikipedia, the writer should be advised of its unreliability because anyone can edit the page at any given time. Instructors generally require seeing the sources from which the material used in the essay is obtained. The following tips can facilitate effective research into a topic:

  • Use of library databases and eBooks to ensure high quality and relevant resources
  • Choosing of credible resources that are related to the topic and are in support of the same
  • Noting down of key notes discovered in each resource used (its relation with topic under study and how it fits in your essay’s research plan)
  • No copy pasting but instead creating own ideas from the facts derived from the research 
  • Consulting the help of a librarian, peers and other relevant parties to help navigate databases and get additional resources if and when necessary
  • Other resources that can be used in research include websites, films, journals, scholarly articles, and archives

It is important to note that using a wide variety of resources results into a more authoritative essay than basing all the research on one or just a few sources.

Step 3

Write as you research. Writing goes hand in hand with researching. Noting down your results as you research helps broaden your perspective while having the ideas together and processing what you have discovered about the topic at a given point. This type of writing is basically open ended based on the fact that it necessarily does not need to be perfect as the student can always go back and brush up the paper before submitting it. The initial writing is, therefore, a rough draft which enables the writer to become oriented with the subject. As the research comes to an end and all questions have been answered, a revision should be done the entire essay. To begin with, you need to identify a catchy introduction, which captures the readers’ attention. To follow, the essay’s body is to be organized on the basis of primary arguments and points. The conclusion comes last which tries to give a recap of the whole cause and effect paper.

The usage of transition terms such as in addition to, moreover, furthermore, than, too, both and, also, another, first, second, etc., equally important, similarly, among others ensures that the final paper is cohesive, consistent, flowing, without logical or grammatical mistakes, and centralized on the main idea.


To achieve an outstanding essay, focus on picking a topic that has numerous ins and outs, research extensively on the topic, write during research, and do revision on your essay.


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